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The Keys

this is the true story of the keys...

i was at my parents' house for the weekend to get my car back after trading vehicles with them for a trip. i had my own standard set of keys for my car and there was also the set that i'd given my parents to use while they were driving it. on sunday morning, before church, i was loading my stuff in the car for the drive back to st louis, since i'd be leaving from church. i had bags in my hands and grabbed the spare set of my car keys that my parents had been using on the way out. in the process of loading everything i set that spare set of keys on the roof of the car and forgot about them. i headed out to church, and just as i turned onto the main road and starting picking up speed, i realized that i'd left the spare keys on top of the car. just an instant after this realization i caught a glimpse in the rearview mirror of the keys sliding speedily down the edge of the rear winshield. i pulled off to the side of the road as soon as i could and started walking back quickly to find the keys in the road. i was pretty certain that they'd flown off the drivers side edge of the rear winshield and were probably in the road. i looked pretty frantically and impatiently because i didn't want to be late for church and i didn't want the keyless entry remote to be run over. after scouring the road down and back i didn't find the keys, but i at least determined that they weren't in a position to be run over. i figured maybe i'd seen things wrong in the mirror and they fell off the other side, but i was late for church, so i decided to go on and come back afterward to look for them on the shoulder. throughout the service my mind drifted intermittently to worrying about finding the keys. when church was over i rushed back out to my car to head back to the spot where i lost them. as i was walking up to the rear of the parked car, i noticed that my keys were wedged into the small crevice where the trunk lid meets the bottom of the rear winshield. they had been there, safe and sound, the entire time i was frantically searching for them in the road. i just had to laugh at myself.

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