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Landmark Sunset

i took this while driving, so forgive the raw nature of the photo. you might think this is just a pretty sunset, but the fun part of the image for me is the almost obscured silhouette of a national landmark among the tree branches.

Sign Language (part 3)

Nothing is funnier than an unintentional sexual euphemism. (Guessing once again on the date).

Waking Wind

winter has drearily poured in with funeral skies and biting cold. my mood, however, stands strong in defiance of the all too common winter lull. a peace has flushed out the dark pockets of discontent that had been rotting in the corners of my heart. a genuine excitement is welling up within, forcing out the idle discouragement of months passed.

and it all began with a sudden and violent summer wind. a blast powerful enough to wake my stagnant heart from its coma into a foreign and confused consciousness. a gust strong enough to expose the heaviness of my heart and lift it in spite of the weight. a gale that has steadily been carrying this heart ever since, on a path now filled with light and possibility.

on that distinct summer night i said of the heavenly wind, "this is God telling us to go to sleep." and he probably was. but he was also waking up my soul.