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Grace Can Wait - Legislate!

i wonder how many resources Christian organizations devote to lobbying for abortion legislation. i wouldn't even be able to come up with a ball park figure, but i'm sure it's a pretty hefty amount. does God see that as good stewardship? don't get me wrong. i firmly believe abortion is immoral by God's standards, but is legislation really how God would have us handle this issue? does this approach change hearts in a positive way, or does it harden hearts even more toward abortion and Christianity in general?

imagine using all of those resources to create programs for counseling, encouragement, and complete support of women with unwanted or unexpected pregnancies. and i'm not talking about some weekly session in which the woman is guilted into not having an abortion. what i'm talking about is comprehensive support that eliminates most of the reasons these women feel they can't keep their baby. of course, something like this would require significant commitment and sacrifice from a lot of people. it's relatively easy to stand on a picket line outside an abortion clinic or write a check supporting the campaign of a pro-life candidate, but where is the Christ-like love in that? i wonder how many Christians, when really put to such a sacrificial task, would show their feelings on abortion to be as strong as they've made them seem. i wonder how many pew-warmers, who base their political votes almost exclusively on this issue, would even serve a couple of hours per week in such a program.

maybe it's just my anti-political bent, but i get pretty baffled with the emphasis many Christians place on legislating Christian morality in general. we're not in theocratic ancient Israel. federal laws do not soften hearts. so much of that political energy could be better spent perpetuating God's grace, which is the ultimate changer of hearts.

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