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Meaning Overheard

"ah memories..........yeah, memories..."

what a sad ending to a conversation which began with his description of the previous night's encounter with a woman. the recounting was coated in uncomfortable metaphors and awkwardly lascivious euphemisms. eventually, the conversation drifted to other women from his past.

"i had a thing for cathy. not that that's saying anything really. but my first wife didn't like it too much."

i wasn't looking at him, but i could hear in his voice the suggestive half-grin that must have dominated his face. his counterpart in the conversation didn't say a whole lot, except to interject occasionally with a masculine giggle of encouragement. two men, at least twenty years removed from high school, whose conversation is echoing somewhere in a gym class locker room.

is this what life boils down to for people? reminiscing about trivialized experiences that managed to break up the unbearable lull of monotony, just waiting for the next distraction to come along so they can ignore its meaning too? what a depressing way to live.

thank God that everything is so meaningful.

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