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The Power of Rhythm

i was down at the u-city loop yesterday evening doing one of my favorite things: hanging out alone, but out among crowds of people. the most intense solitude can often be found when you're surrounded by strangers. sometimes i really love that though, because i get to just be a detached, reflective observer. anyway, there was a drum circle going in the square right by racanelli's pizza. i decided to just sit and absorb the crowd while i let the rhythm pour into my ears. over the course of about an hour i saw quite a smattering of people comprising various shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities, social statuses, and fashion sensibilities. there were some who were clearly planted there for the entire evening and others who just hung around a few minutes, but they all stopped to check out the drum circle at least for a time. there was no pretense, no segregation, and no order at all really...just a bunch of people loosely, but genuinely sharing this experience. it struck me as kind of a dynamic collage...a random, constantly changing collection of individuals set to the driving, often chaotic drum beats. and it was one of the most beautiful things i've observed in a long time.

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