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Racing the Reaper

on friday, i was driving on I-70 through illinois on my way to my college's homecoming and i dozed off behind the wheel. the car veered onto the median, which woke me up and i jerked the wheel much too hard back toward the highway, rocketing the vehicle across both lanes and off the other side at 70 miles an hour. the car sped down a minor slope and then up another slope toward some trees. i must have reacted to the trees by jerking the wheel, because the car did a 180 degree spin on the damp grass, dukes of hazzard style, and finally came to rest right in the middle of three trees (one on each side and one in the back, as if framing a parking spot for me). when it was all said and done, the car was about 60 or 70 feet off the highway, at the top of slope, sticking out of some trees facing the wrong direction.

if i had gone all the way off into the median i almost definitely would have died. if there had been a car in the other lane i probably would have killed them and myself. if it had happened almost anywhere else on that stretch of I-70 i wouldn't have survived. if anything in the whole sequence had happened a fraction of a second later or earlier than it did, i most likely would have been killed. the fact that i'm not dead is fairly amazing. the fact that i don't have so much as a scratch, a bruise, or even a hint of whiplash...that i stepped out of the car in exactly the same physical state as when i stepped into quite literally a miracle.

God's sovereignty is a pretty complex thing that's difficult to wrap your mind around. all i know for sure is that, in ways i can't completely understand, He is behind all things. i believe nothing is insignificant and most things are much more significant than we usually bother to acknowledge. so, i can't help but wonder why friday, at 4:50 p.m., i was so dramatically not killed.

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