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Sun Studio

this past weekend my lady and i took a tour of sun studios in memphis, tennessee. sun is the tiny, now-famous record label where many argue that rock 'n roll was born, and where music legends elvis, johnny cash, and jerry lee lewis (among others) all got their start. the original studio was just a hole-in-the-wall that only employed a couple of people, and yet some of the most exciting sounds of the last fifty years came out of that little corner building. one thing that struck me was how the current presentation of the studio reflected the music that came out of it so many years ago. it was unpolished, raw, and a bit haphazard in its presentation. in the actual studio, no evidence of renovation could be found. classic sun sides that must be worth absurd amounts of money simply hung framed and out in the open on the wall. pianos and guitars played by past studio musicians lined the floor around the edge of the room, left out to mingle with the touring masses. a taped X marked the spot where elvis stood during his sun recording sessions. the room was filled with the same raw soul and unassuming, unpretentious air of creativity found in the grooves of those early sun records. and i was just completely fascinated by it. that aura of stripped-bare expression out on the fringe of originality and creativity is extremely inspiring to me.

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