i can't believe it's not a real word...

1. a much better and smarter-sounding way of saying hypothesis

usage example:
i don't yet have enough data to confirm my hypothesism.

for you etymologists out there, 'hypothesism' is the cooler, older brother who cast an impossible-to-live-up-to shadow over younger brother, 'hypothesis' who, in a fit of jealous rage, made a deal with the mafia to forever suppress 'hypthothesism' as a word. but now, older brother is back, baby boy! here's some sample dialogue to try out with your scientist friends:

YOU: "are you working on some experiments to validate your latest hypothesism?"

SCIENTIST FRIEND: "you mean hypothesis?"

YOU: "no, hypothesism."

SCIENTIST FRIEND: "hypothesism isn't a word. i think you mean hypothesis."

YOU: [smug chuckle] "yeah right. stick to science and leave the english to me, pal."

SCIENTIST FRIEND: "ok. but i'm pretty sure you're wrong."

YOU: [even more smug] "yeah well, you're entitled to your own hypothesism."


YOU: "you are so sad."