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Ethically Challenged

last week, the massive corporation that i work for held an assembly of thousands of employees to talk about ethics. from my seat, i had a direct view of the people doing sign language up front for the hearing-impaired. i have to say, there's something about sign language that is really fascinating and beautiful to me (especially during a monotonous ethics presentation), but that's not really where i'm going with this. during the program, someone on one of the videos used the phrase, "people aren't stupid, blind, deaf and dumb." i couldn't help but wonder if that was a little awkward for the interpreters to have to sign.

on a somewhat related note, what's the ethical standard for an able-bodied person using the wheelchair-accessible stalls in the bathroom at work? is that the equivalent of parking in a handicapped spot? that wasn't covered in our ethics training, but my conscience tells me it's a pretty low thing to do. then again, what if it's the only open stall within a 200 foot radius and you've got a potentially disabling bowel situation going on? do you qualify then?

that's a moral quandry i hope i'm never forced to solve.

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