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About Splatter of Light

what is this website all about?
splatter of light is just a digital repository for my creative output. photography and writing are my main outlets, but you may occasionally find some other stuff here as well. each post date indicates the date that the work was created, not the actual date it was posted to the site.

why is it called 'splatter of light'?
because that's a really awesome name.

yeah, but what does 'splatter of light' mean?
it means i'm awesome, because i thought of such a cool sounding name.

can I steal content from this site?
no. but there's really no reason to steal when there is a legal, easy, and free way for you to achieve the same thing. if you're interested in reappropriating something of mine for use in another context, just drop me a comment with a way to get a hold of you and we'll work out the details. if you just want to share something from the site with someone else, use the handy "e-mail post" feature (it's the cute little envelope icon at the bottom of each post).

who is behind all this?
that'd be me. if you're looking for personal information, here's all you're going to get out of me...
gender = male
status = married
location = home of the international bowling hall of fame
birth decade = 70s
life expectancy = 83 years
heroes = batman, bruce lee, bubbacoop, ben & jerry

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