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Shrinky Dinks

Remember Shrinky-Dinks? Reminiscing about them has inspired my creative side. I've been trying to devise an activity for young children involving more hazards than using a hot oven to make brightly-colored plastic pieces that come out looking just like hard candy, sized to lodge snugly in a toddler's throat.

So far, all I've got is a variation of Laser Tag, called Taser Tag. I don't think it can beat Shrinky Dinks though. The bar is just too high.

Sweet Tea vs. Green Tea

who would win in a fight?

Yes, it's the long awaited return of "Who would win in a fight?" This time it's Sweet Tea, hailing from America's deep south, squaring off against Green Tea, the Asian sensation. Green Tea ought to be a little scared going into this one, as Sweet Tea obviously has considerable hatred toward anyone who is not white. Sweet Tea would probably start out pummeling Green Tea in a sugar-fueled, racist rage, but then find himself baffled by Green Tea's mystical ability to self-heal. Green Tea would take advantage of Sweet Tea's confusion, executing a series of fierce martial arts moves that would leave Sweet Tea all dried up.

Lower your confederate flags to half-mast, because Green Tea wins!