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The Impossible Project has managed to stabilize their PX600 Silver Shade film and graduate it from the First Flush. These are from my first set with the more stable film.

Black in Back

My first B&W roll in the Holga managed to eat both the sponges, resulting in multiple anomalies. But hey, that's the fun of a Holga. And I do actually like how a lot of these turned out, especially the double-exposures in the second and third shot. The fourth shot looks like it might be a double-exposure, but it's actually a single exposure taken very close to a window. Most of what showed up is a reflection of the scene across the street, but you can also see the gravel ground that was through the window. It would have been a little more successful if I hadn't gotten part of my own reflection in the shot.

Holga Debut

Here are the winners from my first ever Holga roll. At first I wasn't too excited about any of them, but after a little ruminating, I do really dig these six shots.

First Flush Textural Experiments

Here are some experimental texture shots with the PX600 "First Flush" film.

First Flush Ferris Wheel

This is the first reasonably successful photo I've managed to get with the Impossible Project's PX600 "First Flush" instant film.