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Black in Back

My first B&W roll in the Holga managed to eat both the sponges, resulting in multiple anomalies. But hey, that's the fun of a Holga. And I do actually like how a lot of these turned out, especially the double-exposures in the second and third shot. The fourth shot looks like it might be a double-exposure, but it's actually a single exposure taken very close to a window. Most of what showed up is a reflection of the scene across the street, but you can also see the gravel ground that was through the window. It would have been a little more successful if I hadn't gotten part of my own reflection in the shot.

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BubbaCoop said...

Nice shots (I also have a shot of a theater waiting for me at Wal-Mart), but I have to disagree about you being in the shot. That's a happy accident.