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The Impossible Project has managed to stabilize their PX600 Silver Shade film and graduate it from the First Flush. These are from my first set with the more stable film.


BubbaCoop said...
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BubbaCoop said...

I haven't read as much as you on these, so forgive the ignorance.
You called it Silver Shade. Does that imply monochromatic without being B&W? They almost look slightly red-scaled.

Also, "stabilified"...hilarious!

k.frank said...

Yeah, it's monochromatic and "will produce changing results depending on light conditions and temperature" to use their words. Generally, if it's hotter than about 75 degrees while they're developing, they turn out really dirt red. I took all of those from my car so there would be a controlled temperature for them to develop and they turned out kind of sepia to my eyes.